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If you have a question that is not listed below please drop us an email to or call us free on 01473 456056 and we will pleased to help

Q. What day can I have my home cleaned?

A. The cleaners work Monday to Friday

Q. Who provides the cleaning products/materials
A. You do, that way your home smells the way you want it too and cloths and mops etc are not taken from house to house

Q. Is there a minimum number of hours?

A. Yes the minimum is 2 hours per week

Q. How quickly can you get me a cleaner? When can the cleaner start?

A. We try to get a cleaner in place within 7 days, often it is quicker than this

Q. How do you choose the cleaners?

A. Extremely carefully. We spend a lot of time sourcing great cleaners for our clients.
Many applicants do not even reach our interview stage. Every cleaner is vetted in their own home and identification checked. This is followed by an interview to ensure their suitability, including whether they have the right attitude to take on the responsibility of cleaning your home. Only after all reasonable checks have been carried out, and having passed our "would we give this person a key for our own home" would we include them in our database. We take security extremely seriously and are proud to have a 100% security record

Q. Can I change the cleaning tasks?

A. Yes you are paying for time so if you want to change the jobs anytime time you can just let your cleaner know or leave her a note. You can put jobs on a rota if that works better for you and your home

Q. Do you have insurance?
A. Yes with cover up to £2 million

Q. Is there a minimum contract?

A. Yes, it is a minimum 3 month contract and then it is a 1 month rolling contract

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Our rates are as low as £15.50 per hour depending on where you live. If you are outside a main town the rate will be higher due to additional travelling expenses but we will always give you the rate upfront so there's no nasty surprises

Q. What if I'm not home during the day?
A. Don't worry a large proportion of our clients are either at work or don't want to be home when the cleaner comes. You can give the cleaner a key so she can come in while you're out and she will lock up when she leaves.

We are proud of our excellent security record

Q. I want to go ahead - what do I do now?

A. Either email us at or call 01473 456056 and we will arrange to come and see you

Q. I have more questions?

A. Not a problem either email us at or call 01473 456056 and we can help





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